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Dec 1, 2013 5:00pm PST
and after the wreck. >>> the new law for those who enforce the law all aimed at protecting california's mountain lions. >> i heard this horrible whooshing sound kind of like a plane crash. it was very disturbing, very loud. one of the loudest noises i have ever heard. >>> good evening. thank you for joining us. the crash happened at 5:20 this morning pacific time in the section near the bronx near the harlem river. the search for answers is underway. abc marcy gonzalez is live near the scene with the latest. marcy. >> reporter: investigators are still out here. it may be difficult to see, but they are working into the night trying to determine what caused this train to go barrelling off the tracks. seven passenger train cars left scattered. the aftermath of a deadly train derailment in new york city. >> amazing pictures from this horrific scene. >> the metro north train was heading from poughkeepsie new york to grand central terminal in manhattan. rounding a curve here in the bronx at around 7:20 this morning when some of the passengers were suddenly thrown from their seats. >> all of
Dec 2, 2013 5:00pm PST
university attempt to overturn a key part of the administration's health care law. liberty university challenged the portion of the law that required most employers to provide health insurance to their workers or pay a fine. this case was one of biggest remaining legal fights against the health care law. >>> meanwhile the states today opened and online insurance exchange for small businesses. the program comes two months after covered california opened for individuals and families. >>> the supreme court also upheld the collection of online sales taxes. am ma'am son had sued over the taxes in states where the company lacks a brick and mortar store. online taxes of course big today by some estimates, 130 million of us went on line to take part in cyber monday. people are expected to spend more than $2 billion today, a record for one day online shopping. and by the way, we have a cyber monday shopping guide for you on our website. you'll find it at, look for it under seen on tv. >> black friday just a memory. getting more information now on cyber monday. >> michael fip anney
Dec 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
vapor. the orderance could become law in 90 days >> they say what happens in vegas stays in vegas this next item is spreading like wildfire. it's a vitamin c infused shower. a special filter gives a spray of vitamins. those promoting this claim it can actually counter act chlorine in water. >> they started out a year ago with 42 rooms here. and by end of the month we're going extend it to 171. >> vitamin c in the shower? is that too much? >> never too much. >> i don't think taking a shower infused with vitamin c did harm. i doubt it has benefits directly to the skin. >> well, anyway. celebrities are hopping on board. actor leonardo dicaprio just bought an apartment in new york his shower comes with a vitamin c showerhead >> one company is considering a dree vice more intimate. mooibz testing a bra that can measure your emotional state. using sensors. idea to help stop people from emotional eating. the sensors record your heartbeat. keep a record and sends a warning to the phone you might be about to raid that cookie jar. so we don't leave out the men, microsoft is trying to incorp
Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm PST
the national organization of black law enforcement executives to review police operations. they made 55 recommendations now, an auditor says they have implemented many, including changing use of force training and accountability for use of force, accountability within the department and with the public. >> they revised their use of force process now they have a good approach to demand use of force. >> the chief hired after the grant case. >> we feel good about what we've accomplished until this point. but the job isn't finished. >> grant's uncle appreciates the changes but feels there is a long way to go in the area of one on one relations with people of color. >> i go to forums and i lites listen to the community. there are major changes. >> this is a rally. people to the streets after the killing of trayvon martin. many city businesses had to board up broken windows a number of those windows are still covered with plywood and many wondering why the big retailer has yet to fix windows. smaller businesses did so within weeks. >> this used to be a place to come to see the decorations. >
Dec 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
. the first in the 20th century. after this law, divestment began in earnest. >> president obama and first lady will travel to south after rick why for mandela's memorial service as will former presidents bill clinton and george w. bush. careen travers reports. >> he will be remembered for the way he led his dignity. >> crowds gathered outside of the home where mandela passed away. there were tears and prayers. there is also singing and dancing. details have been announced about the service that's were honoring his life and legacy. >> we should work together to organize a befitting funeral for this outstanding son of the country. >> his body was moved to patoria. sunday will be a national day of prayer. the stadium has symbolic meaning where he made his last pubic alear yens. closing ceremonies of the of the world cup in >> idea every human being ought to be free and oppression can end. that is what nelson mandela taught us. >> nelson mandela will be buried next sunday. >> and you can watch a special edition on 2020. hosted by robin roberts. >> tune in for that. as sun sets tonight toughes
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5